Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kitchen Table Weavings

Mix together the oats, the bran, the nuts…all of the ingredients for the granola then add the honey, oil and vanilla. Soon the medley of fragrances blend into one and float through the house.

Another medley of fragrances is in the air – the medley of stories being shared at the kitchen table. Friends in ministry have “stopped by” and the ever unfolding beauty of story has been happening for a couple of hours while they sit at the long sunbathed kitchen table. Once again our paths intersect as they head off to new things, and we share new pieces in our ministry.

The threads of story and the fragrance of the banquet table continue to weave the tapestry of Linwood House Ministries.

Tomorrow new guests will arrive and there will be more stories told, more threads in the warp and woof .


Monday, August 22, 2005

This and that from my desk

After 8 weeks all the painting of Linwood House is done, except for a couple of trim boards. It has been a huge job that could never have been accomplished without the many weekends of volunteered time. Gerry Sly has been the one to risk painting the highest points of the house and we are so grateful to him - thank you Gerry!

Work continues on Hope Renfrew. The carpet has been ripped up in the living room/dining area, wonderful donations of furniture for several rooms has been collected and ideas are flowing. There has been great enthusiasm for this project.

This week we begin having guests again at Linwood and getting back into the routine. July was devoted to the painting of the house and our guests were all the wonderful volunteers.

Monday afternoon “happy hour” has intrigued more women to come and explore what this time is all about. Thank you Maureen for your enthusiasm that draws other women to come and join our chat time.

Grandma is back and busy baking and gardening and in good form. Ron has retired and he is busy helping Rob with the studio. Doug and Dorothea go back and forth between their home in West Vancouver and Linwood House.

We hope you have had a wonderful summer too. It is now time to begin easing back into the routine of life as September approaches.


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